Past Exhibitions

8 Feb 2023 → 9 April 2023


Warmly, Visual by Virginie Gauthier

Visual by Virginie Gauthier

Warmly presents a critical exchange between making and material, explored through the topics of craft, identity, memory and eco-feminism.

with: Veronika Babayan (NL), Natacha Mankowski (FR) and Natsuko Uchino (FR/JP).

Curated by Florence Parot
Dialogue between the artists by Elina Tapio (writer, 'Warmly, In Dialogue')
All visual Communication by Virginie Gauthier

On view from 8 February through 9 April 2023.

26 Nov 2022 → 29 Jan 2023

Cruising, Discomfort as a tool to depatriarchise design

Dae Uk Kim, Gag

Dae Uk Kim, Gaga, courtesy the artist Dae Uk Kim.

‘Cruising’ explores the heteronormative standards imposed on the design field. How does the new garde of designers question the norms and canons? How do they utilise discomfort as a tool to challenge the underlying ideologies which have dominated the field to date?

With: Alma Teer, Anna Aagaard Jensen, Barry Llewellyn, Dae Uk Kim, Flora Lechner, Hsin Min Chan, Kurina Sohn, Leo Maher, Natalia Triantafylli and Noam Youngrak Son

Curated by Liv Vaisberg

Scenography by The DIRT (Florine van Rees and Jeroen Dijkstra)

On view from 26 November 2022 until 29 January 2023.

3 Sept → 13 Nov 2022


Solo Show Paulius Šliaupa

Paulius Šliaupa, The Monk

The Monk, courtesy the artist Paulius Šliaupa.

Using the mediums of video and painting, the solo show by Lithuanian artist Paulius Šliaupa is a poetic exploration of the borders between the real and generated urban environments, the fluctuating relationship of humankind with nature, within the flow of natural and artificial lights.

Opening 3 September until 13 November

12 March → 22 May 2022
Soundtrack for a Troubled Time

Soundtrack for a Troubled Time

Katinka Bock, Radio (2014 - 2015)

Katinka Bock, Radio (2014 - 2015) (Photography by François Douris)

The title of the exhibition is borrowed from Cally Spooner's two-channel sound installation. “Soundtrack for a Troubled Time” enters the realm of collective turmoil and the individual desire to escape from it, creating a delicate balance between fiction and reality while searching for a position that is comfortable.

These each evoke a deeper awareness of the unseen interplay of natural forces that surrounds us, and in these spaces, the works meander and find their place naturally. The show will open on 12 March 2022 and runs until 22 May 2022.

Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc, Katinka Bock, Charbel-joseph H. Boutros & Stéphanie Saadé, Edith Dekyndt, Angela Detanico & Rafael Lain, Roni Horn and Cally Spooner.

Curators Chris Bestebreurtje and Petra Kuipers.

30 June → 4 July 2021


Andrea Éva Györi, Traumatized Lemon, 2019

Andrea Éva Györi, Traumatized Lemon, 2019. Courtesy the Artist & Galerie Wilfried Lenz.

Our inaugural art exhibition highlighted the Huidenclub’s mission to research how art can have a political and social significance at its own scale. The show investigated different ways artists are creating and shaping new social norms. How to clear a path and make your voice heard within the current power structures in place gender and ecological justice. Spread across the rest of the building, recent works from our future residents and commissioned furniture designers were displayed to highlight how the Huidenclub organically grows as a community.

Pauline Boudry + Renate Lorenz, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Andrea Éva Györi, Patricia Kaersenhout, Janis Rafa, Evelyn Taocheng Wang, Jennifer Tee & Kubilay Mert Ural.

30 June → 4 July 2021


Sabine Marcelis, Dawnlight.

Sabine Marcelis, Dawnlight. Credit Lee Wei Swee. Courtesy Victor Hunt. Dealer.

As a testimony to the city’s boom over the last few years on the design scene, a design exhibition gathered works from world-wide acclaimed Rotterdam-based designers, concentrated in a dense 20 sqm cube.

Laurids Gallée, Sabine Marcelis, Tim Mastik & Phil Proctert.

30 June → 4 July 2021


Anna Aagaard Jensen. Vase Shashay, 2020

Anna Aagaard Jensen. Vase Shashay, 2020. Courtesy Functional Art Gallery.

Spread across the rest of the building, recent works from our future residents and furniture designers will be shown highlighting how the Huidenclub organically were grow as a community.

Anna Aagaard Jensen, Theophile Blandet, Jonas Lutz, Supertoys Supertoys, Pim Top, Johan Viladrich + Lauriane Heim.

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