Six impossible things before breakfast

Ingrid De Coster

After the book launch of Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast by Ingrid De Coster hosted by Vide Books at the Huidenclub, the publication is now on show in our Small Cube gallery space.

How do you make a book about a period that is behind you? The publication Six impossible things before breakfast is a journey across twenty-five years of Verzameld Werk [Collected Work] and beyond. Verzameld Werk was an open house in the heart of Ghent. A playground for designers and guests, architects and artists. Tailor-made by thinkers and doers. It was founded in 1991, with Ingrid De Coster as one of its founders.

For this book, Ingrid De Coster collaborated with Loes Verstappen and Bas Schevers. Their point of departure, the motley collection of images from in and around Verzameld Werk, spread out on a table. Bruno De Wachter was invited to respond to the newly formed configurations and he did so with a prose poem. Along these lines, Verzameld Werk rewrote and continues to rewrite itself through the gaze of the other. Leaf by leaf.

The publication is unbound, and can be found on the table to browse through and rearrange the pages. Also on show is a video work showing the process of designing, arranging and binding the publication.

Awarded Best Dutch Book Designs 2023 by the professional jury as well as the student jury.

The publication is available to buy in our bookshop @videbooksvidebooks.

Ingrid De Coster (one of its founders)
Jap Sam Publishers (Publisher)
Vide Books (Bookshop)
Bas Schevers with Ingrid De Coster (Photography)
Loes Verstappen with Ingrid De Coster (Graphic Design)
Marc Gijzen (Lithography)
Zwaan Lenoir (Printer)

Curated by:
Ingrid De Coster with Eleonoor Jap Sam and Jelle van Bouwhorst.

Top two photos on left by Lisa Meijer.

On view from 1 May until 13 May 2024.