Occult Economics | group show

Determining value amidst absurdity

Occult Economics aims to uncover the absurdity that can be found in today's global financial systems by questioning its idea of value. Motivated by his background working in the financial industry prior to this, curator Yannik Güldner is intrigued by the possibility of exploring the occult powers that keep this system going and linking the art world to the global financial markets. While today's belief systems are primarily determined by economic value, art cannot be reduced to the ideology of productivism; therefore, the artists of the capitalist era are the heirs of the magicians, alchemists and witches of the middle ages. This offers the starting point of Occult Economics. By juxtaposing current methodologies of valuation in capitalist economies with the world of the occult and absurd, the exhibition aims to examine how we determine value in a world where the free market has taken the place of traditions and religions.

Haseeb Ahmed (US)
Timo Demollin (NL)
Þórður Hans (IS)
Tom K Kemp (UK)
Narges Mohammadi (AF/NL)
Diego Tonus (IT)

Yannik Güldner (DE)

Kindly supported by Elise Mathilde Fonds and Gemeente Rotterdam.

On view from 18 November 2023 until 14 January 2024.