Handmade | by ELLE decoration

A show by ELLE Decoration NL

Handmade is a show by ELLE Decoration Netherlands showcasing a curated selection of unique design objects by some of today's most exciting designers. Conceived under the theme 'Monster's Ball', the exhibition gathers together pieces which incorporate craftsmanship into their design process. You will find everything from fantastical creatures, to explorations of mythology, to everyday objects reimagined.

Constance Ziegler (FR)
Izzy Goedvolk (NL)
Jonas Lutz (FI)
Jorge Mañes Rubio (ES)
Kartini Thomas (US)
Kasper Boelens (NL)
Laurids Galée (AT)
Marcantonio (IT)
Marijke De Cock (BE)
Marion Baruch (RO)
Obbe van der Weide (NL)
Pulpo (DE)
Roosje van Donselaar (NL)
REM Atelier (NL)
Sandra Keja Planken (NL)
Sangmin Oh (KR)
Supertoys Supertoys (NL/DE)
Victoria Yakusha (UA)

Curated by:
Monique van der Reijden (NL)

On view from 30 June until 27 August 2023.