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Huidenclub, Inaugural Exhibition (photography by PimTop)

Huidenclub, Inaugural Exhibition (photography by PimTop)

Current exhibition

12 May 2023 → 17 June 2023


Solar Plexus Pressure Belt TM, Saemundur Thor Helgason

Solar Plexus Pressure Belt TM by Saemundur Thor Helgason

We are all far from equal in the eyes of the labour market. Huge portions of work carried out in spaces outside the realm of what is deemed valuable is rendered of little or no monetary value. Domestic labourers, art workers, migrants struggle to prove their financial worth while other white collar professions receive bloated wages for their bullshit jobs. WORKABLE encourages a critical examination of structures of labour. What is considered as work? How do we give real-world meaning to the fictitious construct of value, and how do we assign that value as a measure of the roles performed within spaces of work and non-work? What causes insecure labour relations and thus financial anxiety? WORKABLE activates the Huidenclub as a space for critical exploration of the structures of waged and unwaged labour, and the quantification of human and monetary value which underpin distributions of wealth and divisions of labour within society.

with: Apparatus 22, Stefan Botez, Jane Bustin, Danilo Correale, Saemundur Thor Helgason , Ariane Loze & Adrian Melis.

Curated by Liv Vaisberg
Courtesy: Family Servais Collection, Copperfield Gallery, Galerie Michel Rein and Collection CNAP
Text: Nicole Jesse

Opening Friday 12 May from 18:00 to 20:00
with a performance by Willem Schrijver at 19:00.
The show runs until Sunday 17 June

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The Huidenclub co-work is the first workspace situated in the vicinity of artists’ and designers’ studios. Gathering a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, creatives and producers, the Huidenclub offers a uniquely inspiring setting conceived by Johan Viladrich, offering all the comforts of a modern convivial cowork.

More than a workspace, the Huidenclub offers its members access to tailored programming of film, culinary and art events, workshop environments, your own exhibition space, and the most unusual meeting room ever made in a cowork.

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The Huidenclub is conveniently located in Rotterdam Delfshaven at the gate of M4H in a former tannery. Our new cultural venue, founded in a historical place, a building that intrigues many people, is the perfect setting to host your events, gathering, presentation, exhibition or dinner.

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Our Vision

Situated in a repurposed industrial building, the Huidenclub is a new experimental space dedicated to the production and presentation of contemporary culture. The Huidenclub, holding its name from its original function as a tannery, is conceived as a platform to express a variety of voices and narratives addressing urgent contemporary topics. Alongside an active public programme of exhibitions, performances, talks and screenings, the Huidenclub is also a workspace bringing together artists, designers, and entrepreneurs to form a creative ecosystem.

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