Dutch Vacation

Group Show

Dutch Vacation is a group exhibition featuring 30 furniture designers from Rotterdam, spanning multiple generations—from established designers to recent graduates. Each designer presents a unique piece inspired by their personal conception of what a Dutch vacation could be.

More than just a furniture display, it showcases a wide range of Dutch design styles and perspectives. Dutch Vacation invites you to explore and enjoy the playful, thoughtful, and diverse interpretations of what a Dutch vacation means.

With works by:
Frank Bruggeman
Lisa Brustolin
Jule Cats
Chan Chiao Chun
David Derksen
Forever Studio
Laurids Gallée
Thijs van Heerde
Richard Hutten
Pyeori Jung
Chris Kabel
Sjoerd Labega
Atelier Van Lieshout
Barry Llewellyn
Jonas Lutz
Sabine Marcelis
Sunhyo Mast
Benjamin Motoc
Siiri Oksanen
Bertjan Pot
Lex Pott
Phil Procter
REM Atelier
Sarah Roseman
Studio Wieki Somers
Julian Spanbroek
Lenny Stöpp
Supertoys Supertoys
Maria Tyakina

Curated by:
Liv Vaisberg

Upon a concept by:
Rawad Baaklini

On view from 1 June until 25 August 2024.