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Huidenclub, Inaugural Exhibition (photography by PimTop)


12 March → 22 May 2022
Soundtrack for a Troubled Time

Soundtrack for a Troubled Time

Katinka Bock Radio (2014 - 2015) (Photography by François Douris)

The title of the exhibition is borrowed from Cally Spooner's two-channel sound installation. “Soundtrack for a Troubled Time” enters the realm of collective turmoil and the individual desire to escape from it, creating a delicate balance between fiction and reality while searching for a position that is comfortable.

These each evoke a deeper awareness of the unseen interplay of natural forces that surrounds us, and in these spaces, the works meander and find their place naturally. The show will open on 12 March 2022 and runs until 22 May 2022.

Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc, Katinka Bock, Charbel-joseph H. Boutros & Stéphanie Saadé, Edith Dekyndt, Angela Detanico & Rafael Lain, Roni Horn and Cally Spooner.

Curators Chris Bestebreurtje and Petra Kuipers.

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Our future workspace in Rotterdam brings together artists, designers, and thinkers to form an inclusive creative eco-system alongside an active public programme. Taking a holistic approach, the Huidenclub provides opportunities to further the careers of its residents while giving them opportunities to collaborate and connect. Designed by Atelier Tomas Dirrix with furniture commissioned to Rotterdam-based design talents, we offer studios and co-working desks, in addition to a range of production facilities. Our residents are selected on the basis of their artistic, creative or professional merit, their risk-taking attitude and their commitment to the societal values of the Huidenclub.

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The Huidenclub is conveniently located in Rotterdam Delfshaven at the gate of M4H in a former tannery. Our new cultural venue, founded in a historical place, a building that intrigues many people, is the perfect setting to host your events, gathering, presentation, exhibition or dinner.

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Our Vision

Situated in a repurposed industrial building in the Diepenveen Building, the Huidenclub is a new experimental space dedicated to the production and presentation of contemporary culture. The Huidenclub, holding its name from its original function as a tannery, is conceived as a platform to express a variety of voices and narratives addressing urgent contemporary topics. Alongside this active public programme of exhibitions, performances, talks and screenings, the Huidenclub is also a workspace bringing together artists, designers, and thinkers to form an inclusive creative ecosystem.

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